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cropped-IMG_1545-Copy.jpg“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”   Anais Nin. 

Most people are searching for ways to reveal and reach their full potential.  We want to know we are on the path that will fulfil our highest purpose.  The Tarot can help us find our way.

I’m Jenny Higgins, a Tarot reader and teac_MG_1248_BWher, a professional member of the Tarot Guild of Australia and a qualified clinical aromatherapist.  I also completed a PhD on women and the transformation of self. 

Like the lotus, which rises from the water’s murky depths pure and untainted, and then blossoms to reveal it’s golden heart, we can take our own inner pilgrimage to find our golden centre and blossom into our full and true potential.  

Tarot for personal transformation

The Tarot is a collection of images depicting ancient symbols and archetypal experiences that give us insights as to how to find our ‘path with a heart’ that will enable our spiritual selves to unfold.  The cards represent steps on the mythical ‘journey of life’.  They guide us on our own pilgrimage to reach spiritual awareness and wholeness.

The Tarot comprises 78 cards that each relate to specific situations that we encounter over the course of our lives.  There are 22 ‘major arcana’ cards that depict transformative developmental experiences along the path to psychological and spiritual wholeness.

The major arcana cards depict these experiences as archetypal characters or energies that resonate deep within our unconscious because the archetypes are common to all people across time and cultures.  Carl Jung believed humans have a collective unconscious that is expressed in archetypal form.  We can access our individual and collective unconscious through developing our intuition.

Tarot is the tool that helps us develop our intuition to reveal the energies at work in our unconscious.  By bringing these energies to light we can open up to a more meaningful and authentic life. Tapping into this hidden knowledge can lead us to a path that is in accord with our higher self.

Tarot readings are a wonderful way of helping you find clarity and direction about important areas in your life.  Insights from a Tarot reading can give you the confidence to pursue your aspirations and support you on your spiritual path.

My services

I give Tarot readings at St. Andrew’s market most Saturdays.  You can find me in the hall.  I also give readings in my home.  Go to the ‘Tarot readings’ tab for more information and testimonials.  Go to the ‘contact me’ tab to get in touch.

Tarot readings at Hens Nights and Pamper events in your salon can really spice up a special occasion.  

I teach Tarot and offer a range of courses and workshops.  In my classes you will learn how to interpret the symbols on the cards, what the archetypal images represent and how the esoteric wisdom of the Tarot can facilitate your spiritual growth.  I will help you develop your intuition and the confidence to read the cards for yourself and others.  Go to the ‘courses’ tab to find out about my Tarot classes.

As a qualified clinical aromatherapist I value the power of plant essences to heal body, mind and spirit.  Essential oils can support the personal and spiritual insights revealed by the Tarot to help you grow and transform your life.



As we age, the urge to live a more spiritual life can become an imperative and many women, like myself, develop their intuitive powers and become Tarot readers, spiritual healers or nurturers of the earth or garden.

I completed a thesis on women and the transformation of self in 2001 and found that in midlife women experience an upsurge of energy and a need to claim their own power and live a more deeply authentic and meaningful life.  They were no longer willing to live in their partner’s shadow or be what other people expected them to be.  As one women described her upsurge of empowerment, “it’s like a force you can’t stop”.

The stories of the women resonate with the ‘journey of life’ depicted in the Tarot of spiritual growth and empowerment.  Their journeys reflect an inner search; a pilgrimage to find their own spiritual truth and direction.

I am currently writing about the experiences of the women who shared their stories with me and will publish a book about women’s wisdom and the Tarot in 2014 so that others can be guided by their wisdom in overcoming doubt, lack of direction, or blocks in your own lives.