About Jenny

I am a professional Tarot reader and teacher, a professional member of the Tarot Guild of Australia and have been on a spiritual path ever since I can remember.  Buddhism has given me a strong sense of how to live with integrity and purpose and how to find peace and clarity through meditation.  I attend a regular development circle at the Victorian Spiritualist Union church which has helped me develop my mediumship abilities and attune spiritually when  giving a Tarot reading. My story is testament that you can reclaim your psychic gifts later in life and that intuitive abilities are spiritual pathways to higher wisdom accessible to all of us at any time.

As a teenager I was drawn to explore the world of psychic phenomena. But I was also wary of opening this door and my own psychic development did not occur until years later.

In my early twenties I travelled extensively and developed an interest in mysticism, mythology and the spiritual practices of other cultures, which inspired me to complete a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology at the University of Hawaii.

In my last year of study I visited the university’s careers counsellor who advised me that I should develop my psychic abilities!  Unexpected advice which I did not heed for some time, intuitively wary of exploring a path that I felt unequipped to handle.

I chose an academic path over psychic development and completed a PhD about women and the transformation of self at Monash University. But my interest was always about the workings of spiritual energy in our lives and after being dissuaded from studying the power and effectiveness of energy healing I shifted focus to how we find psychic wholeness in our lives.  I discovered how women find meaning and purpose in their lives as they mature and deepen their own sense of spirituality. The women I interviewed talked about their inner journeys to find a sense of themselves that felt authentic and empowered and how they overcame challenges and limitations to do so.

It was during this time that I worked as a lecturer in gender and family studies and completed the Lifeline telephone counselling training course.  This led to a career in the child and family support sector.  As a practitioner, researcher and workshop facilitator working with adults, children and families with a range of issues, I learned first hand about the effects of trauma, abuse, hardship and deprivation on the human psyche, experiences at the root of all human problems to a greater or lesser degree.

I greatly value the accumulation of skills and experience during these years and gained a realistic understanding of how to help people find practical and meaningful answers to their problems.  It taught me how to work in an empathetic, supportive and non-judgmental way with clients who come for a reading today.

About ten years ago, following a pilgrimage to the clear mountain air of the Himalayas, I was drawn back onto a path that led me to expand my own intuition and engage intentionally with the realm of Spirit.  I embarked on an in-depth study of the Tarot and gained a qualification as a clinical aromatherapist. Through Tarot, essential oils, meditation and psychic development circles I have opened the door that has connected me with a higher calling which has become my life’s purpose.

Today I run an ongoing weekly advanced Tarot course and teach introductory Tarot courses throughout the year. I also speak at Tarot events, hold workshops and continue to write on the Tarot.  I receive inspirational and heart-warming feedback from clients that my readings and classes have helped them find clarity, direction and make important decisions, bringing greater peace and happiness.


  • PhD Monash University. Women, Ageing and Identity
  • Bachelors Degree in Anthropology from University of Hawaii
  • Professional Member, Tarot Guild of Australia
  • Lifeline Telephone Counselling Training Course
  • Clinical Aromatherapist, Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy

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