In the Introductory course you will learn about the origins of the Tarot, the meanings of the major arcana cards and their symbols, and how and why the tarot ‘works’. We will also discuss the ethics of giving tarot readings and how to read for others.

We will learn about the 22 major arcana cards, which represent the ‘journey of life’ with each card a step, or lesson along the journey.  The major arcana cards offer transformative opportunities for growth and you will learn how each card represents energies within us all that can be a force for change and empowerment in your life.

We will then learn about the four suits and their unique qualities, which function in our lives as the four personality types of intellect, emotion, intuition and sensory perception.  We will conclude the course with a look at the 16 court cards, four for each suit, and their individual personalities.

Why learn about the Tarot? Tarot cards contain ancient mystical teachings which transcend time and culture.  Each card represents an archetypal or essential life lesson which can help us gain clarity, direction and attain wholeness in our lives. Through learning about the meanings of the archetypes and symbols on the cards you connect with this ancient and timeless wisdom and how it is relevant to your life today. Through learning about the Tarot you can develop your intuition and learn to read for others and yourself.

As an experienced teacher and workshop facilitator I can offer a stimulating, fun and supportive learning experience. I provide comprehensive course notes to all students which we use throughout the course. I keep the classes to a maximum of 6 people, which fosters intimate group discussion and I can give everyone my attention when they are learning to read the cards.  I use the popular Rider-Waite-Smith deck. Come along to a class before you buy your deck so that you can look at the many versions and decide which you like best. 


You are a wonderful, understanding teacher and share your knowledge in an easy way with everyone in our class. Your notes are very informative, organised and well-presented.  You have opened up the marvellous world of Tarot and it never fails to amaze me that you have shown just how insightful the cards are to so many.  Nan

Jenny is a wonderful teacher and communicator.  Her teaching style is hands-on which ensures her students participate, not just observe.  Jenny willingly shares her in-depth knowledge and she has enthralled me with her intuitive readings and guidance.  I am so glad I am in her class.  Dale

I have been learning the significance and reading of Tarot cards with Jenny Higgins for a number of months and even though I have only just begun my Tarot journey I have gleaned a considerable knowledge base through Jenny during this time.  Jenny covered the originality of the Tarot as well as comprehensive notes on all the Major, Minor and Court cards as handy references.  Personally I have found Jenny to be a friendly, approachable and flexible person always willing to share her wide Tarot experience with others.    Pam

I am finding your Tarot course really interesting, I am enjoying learning the meanings of the cards and their relationships to each other.  Discussions within the group are always insightful and entertaining.  I believe my intuition has been made keener due to studying the cards.  I look forward to continuing the course and developing a deeper understanding of all things Tarot.  Lyn

I have found your teaching extremely good and interesting interpreting each tarot card and their symbols and the card spreads.  I am thoroughly enjoying the Tarot course.  There is so much to learn and I feel as though I am tapping into my psychic side a bit more strongly.  I am really enjoying the course and our group.  Glenda

I am enjoying the Tarot class with Jenny.  I find the different opinions of the girls very interesting.  We always have excellent discussions.  I had a reading from Jenny and found her intuitive interpretations very encouraging and positive.  Mary