As we begin 2020, its worth reflecting on what these powerful numbers may portent for the coming year.

Numerologically, 2020 reduces to the number 22, which is a ‘master number’ as it is a repeated number.

22 is the ‘master builder’, visionary, progressive, manifester of dreams and ideas, keeper of ancient wisdom. The energy of the number 22 is seen in those with a driving force to help humanity and people with leadership skills who inspire and motivate others. In some references 22 is seen to represent the ‘force of nature’, perhaps manifested in the devastating bush fires that consumed large swathes of the East cost of Australia and elsewhere. 

The number 22 reduces to 4, a number of stability, foundations and success in practical areas such as science, technology, business and building communities. These energies, manifested through the visionary and progressive force of the ‘master builder’, indicate a rebirth and evolution, building a new future while learning from the wisdom of the past.

I’m Jenny Higgins, experienced tarot reader, teacher, author, regular speaker at tarot events, professional member of the Tarot Guild of Australia and shamanic practitioner.

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