I’m Jenny Higgins, experienced Tarot reader, teacher, author, regular speaker at Tarot events and professional member of the Tarot Guild of Australia.


Fantastic to give a workshop on Tarot and Self-Development at the Victorian Spiritualist Union in East Ringwood on Saturday 17th November from 2-5pm.  It was lots of fun. Thanks to all the participants for their enthusiasm and support!


NEED A READING?  Many people come to me seeking help to find a direction in their life that feels purposeful and authentic.  Others want guidance around relationships or career. My readings can bring clarity and purpose to your life. As well as many years reading the cards, I draw on years of professional experience working and supporting people facing crossroads and difficult choices, to help you find the answers you seek.


I give readings at my home in Croydon, Victoria. Go to the Contacts page to get in touch. 

I give readings at regular SUNDAY psychic events held at various venues around Melbourne. My upcoming schedule for 2018 is: 

  • To be advised


Years of Wisdom: The Tarot & Women’s Stories of Growth and Empowerment  features stories of how women travel their life’s journey.

Drawn frombook-cover-16-perfect interviews with 50 women, for a PhD Thesis, their stories tell how they overcame life’s challenges and grew into their full potential to live meaningful and rewarding lives.The archetypes of the major arcana are described from a developmental perspective and the women’s stories demonstrate how the 22 archetypes of the major arcana, each a developmental step along the journey of life, function in real life. (See the Book page for a taste of the real-life stories. See Contact page to email or phone me and order a copy).