I’m Jenny Higgins, experienced tarot reader, teacher, author, regular speaker at tarot events, professional member of the Tarot Guild of Australia and shamanic practitioner.

I’ve been involved in spiritual, metaphysical and alternative healing practices throughout my adult life. This involvement, along with a background working in roles that support people at a crossroads in their lives, enable me to give supportive, clear and relevant readings to my clients that tap into the universal source of wisdom available to us all.

I’ve been reading tarot cards for many years now and people are often surprised at how a reading reveals the underlying cause of an issue that is troubling them and shows the steps they can now take to make things better.

Because the tarot works on a spiritual, or ‘higher consciousness’ level, the  insights from a reading can give us the confidence to trust our inner voice. It can and inspire us to walk the path that is in accord with our higher selves, a path that offers a more authentic and meaningful life. 

I hope I have inspired you consider a tarot reading next time you are in need of guidance from a higher source of wisdom than our rational minds can provide. Please contact me if you feel I can help you.

 NEWS: Upcoming Introductory Workshop on Shamanism 

Interested to learn about what shamanism is? Caitlin Matthews, co-founder of the shamanic school Foundation for Inspiration and Oracular Studies in London, came to Australia to teach a course on Celtic Shamanism over a 3-year period.  Our Australian group, the Sacred Kingfisher Clan, will offer a short Introduction to Shamanism workshop on 30th November from 2pm to 4pm in the Field Naturalists Hall in Blackburn, Victoria.  

NEED A READING?  I give readings at my home and at regular SUNDAY psychic events  around Melbourne. My upcoming schedule for 2019 is:

  • November 10, Geelong West Town Hall, 153 Pakington St, Geelong West
  • November 17, South Morang Commercial Hotel, 820 Plenty Road, South Morang
  • December 1, Dorset Gardens Hotel, 335 Dorset Road, Croydon
  • December 15, Pakenham Library Hall, cnr John & Henry Streets, Pakenham
  • December 22, Skyways Hotel, 113 Matthews Avenue, Airport West

MY BOOK:  Years of Wisdom: The Tarot & Women’s Stories of Growth and Empowerment  

Drawn frombook-cover-16-perfect interviews with 50 women, for a PhD Thesis, their stories tell how they overcame life’s challenges and grew into their full potential to live meaningful and rewarding lives. The archetypes of the major arcana are described from a developmental perspective and the women’s stories demonstrate how the 22 archetypes of the major arcana, each a developmental step along the journey of life, function in real life. (See the Book page for a taste of the real-life stories. See Contact page to email or phone me and order a copy).